Felipe José Varas Concha



Ingeniero Civil Industrial (Universidad de Talca, Chile)

Dr. Ciencias de la ingeniería, Ingeniería química (PUC, Chile)

Director (S) Centro Tecnológico Kipus




–   FONDEF IT14I10055 «Development and optimization of equipment for the combustion of granular biomass with low emissions for household use» (Director alterno)

–   FONDEF CA12i10235 «Development and experimentation of wood chip combustor»

–   Technological contract for the Agency of Sustainability and Climate Change: “Development of prototypes and clean technology products for productive sectors associated with environmental decontamination plans”

–   Eureka-CORFO E!11250 “Exhaust gas purification unit for zero-emission biomass stoves”

–   Innovation Voucher CORFO 16VIP71785 «Optimization of the combustion and abatement of emissions in Bellota Bakery»

–   FIC-Regional 2015 GORE-Maule, «Transfer of pilot installation of distributed photovoltaic energy»

–   FIC-Regional 2011 GORE-Maule, «Study of photovoltaic energy supply for rainfed irrigation: case of the Loncomilla sector and its regional potential»

–   FIC-Regional 2011 GORE-Maule, «Regional platform for energy management»

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